materialSUITE™ is the MOM suite for analysis, control and communication within the factory.


Inside materialSUITE™ you can find the following modules:

MES module: it is the Manufacturing Execution System software developed to optimise production processes in terms 4.0 Industry. You can manage, schedule and track the entire production plant.

WMS module: it is the warehouse management system software that allows you to manage and organise all the warehouse phases such as picking, inventory, goods handling, preparation and order fulfillment.

Manage your production plant on the move using mySUITE:

materialSUITE™ mobile version with all the modules provided in it.

Download our presentation and discover how materialSUITE™ works.

You will be able to:

Human/machine time record

Plan and schedule the production

Advance production through fixed and handheld workstation interface

Record consumption

Monitor the main production KPIs

Achieving the following benefits:

Non-compliant products and waste reduction

Production KPIs always under control

Machine and operator production on time collection

Full processes traceability

Production progress real-time monitoring

Gradual abandonment of printed paper and Excel sheets

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MAG module

Warehouse management with inventory, picking,
adjustments, rejects and sale at the counter with
mobile device


Production progress Ebook

Three golden rules for planning, measuring and
monitor the production plant.

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